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June 02, 2009


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Nancy, you should take the "disgust scale" quiz at http://www.yourmorals.org/. The psychologists have found that liberals are less prone to disgust than conservatives. (Nick Kristof wrote about this in a recent NYT column.) Me, I'm not squeamish about much of anything, and the Little Bug baby food isn't remotely bothersome to me.

@Amy: I'm politically liberal, and I score lower than the norm on the Disgust Scale. I've actually eaten insects and enjoyed them. (They're really just like teeny-tiny shrimp.) But branding is a different story. It's one thing to say, "Here's a tasty bug--you'll love it!" and another to brand your healthful, locally sourced vegetable puree "Little Bug." Also, controversial or edgy names can succeed with some products (e.g., Urban Decay cosmetics), but not with others. Companies need to keep in mind the general population's disgust response, especially when they're selling something as culturally and personally charged as baby food.

And I have to admit that my recent (yearlong, hellish) bedbug experience may have colored my response to Little Bug...

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