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May 11, 2009


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Watch "Love and Death" to see Diane Keaton and Woody Allen riff entertainingly on the word - and to watch everything else they do that never fails to crack me up. From there you'll find that the noun form of the word is "jejunosity." Consider yourself informed!

@Jessica: "Love and Death" has my all-time favorite bit of Woody Allen dialogue:

He: You have beautiful skin.
She: Yes, and it covers my whole body.

I seem to remember "jejune" coming up in "Annie Hall," too.

Great Post. Thanks.

I had been to a naming briefing at Metaphor downtown. The namers were all huddled outside in the bright, chilly wind on Market Street, saying our bye-byes. I had brought a copy of my second CD of unlistenable instrumental music for my good friend and naming comrade David Hurlbert, since he'd made the mistake of telling me he'd liked my first one.

The first one, like so many "first digital" releases by old farts like me, contained the "greatest hits" of everything I'd recorded onto tape in the 20th century, back to, like, 1979.

I told Dave, "This second CD is all new music, stuff I recorded this summer, it's not like my first CD, that old stuff, which was so... um... "

Dave blew out a puff of smoke, smiled, and said, "Jejune?"

That was the only time I've heard it used in real life, and I'll always associate the word with that moment.

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