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May 27, 2009


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Ooops. I guess I violated Rule 1 this morning when I told a client that his proposed trademark was registrable and protectable but sounded to me more like a motor oil than a wine.

This is a great list, Nancy- I learned from reading it. How open to be depends on the relationship one has built so far.

The concentrated nature of the deliverable in a naming project, combined with the misconception by most clients that quality naming is easy, makes it all too easy to lose empathy for the client.

To stay cool, I imagine a role reversal with the client. Say it is a CEO. I'll say to myself "Hmmm. I wonder how easy it would be for her to come down on my business plan - or lack thereoff".

Number Three "Invoke the Law" has always been a great idea killer. I've been keeping tabs on a prospect that--in the end--wasn't allowed to go outside for naming. After two weeks of frantic, cruddy naming, none were unique.

I love this blog! Just discovered it from the American Name Society listserv.

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