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May 15, 2009


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Oh, no, shiva?! Really?

...Yeah, I'd say they need to Think! again.

Great series of posts you've got going here, Nancy. On the topic of bad shoe names, let's not forget the Reebok Incubus: http://www.nytimes.com/1997/03/02/business/after-tripping-on-its-laces-reebok-is-focused-again.html?pagewanted=all

Using a word with such direct religious meanings is just asking for trouble! A German company naming a sandal after a Jewish time of mourning? It's hideous. I like the word you used to describe the sandals. Think might have thought to use, "festive" as its starting point for a name.

But, but ... they're so freakin' cute. If I promise to call them something better, may I buy a pair?

@pam: You could scratch out the 'S' and 'h' and stamp a 'V' over them - Viva!

14% of the world practices Hinduism; 0.22% practice Judaism (an estimate of 900 million vs 14 million) according to www.adherents.com. But given they are hq'd in Germany, you'd think someone would have thought about it.

On the other hand, I buy lots of things called "Wake" that have nothing to do with Irish funeral practices.

@TheNameInspector: Yes, Incubus remains one of the low points in consumer brand naming, years after it went down in flames. (Since it was a women's style, shouldn't it have been the Succubus?)

Everyone else: I shouldn't assume that you're as obsessed with shoe marketing as your humble blogger. For the record, a shoe-style name does not appear on the shoe itself, except (sometimes) on the sole, in a retailer's removable tag. (Nordstrom is one such retailer.) The name does appear on the shoe box and in catalogs and websites such as Zappos. A style name is useful for identifying a shoe you're trying to track down or re-order; it generally has little to do with a buying *decision.* But it *is* part of the designer's overall brand impression.

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