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April 20, 2009


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I find it interesting that the contemporary blogosphere has led to a real blossom of ludogogical writing—anyway, of many bloggers who take games very seriously—but that video games have such a stranglehold over the genre. Out of the hundreds of video game writers or reviews there are a handful of board game enthusiasts; their star, too, is rising, but not as quickly or as high, of course. Nobody talks about card games, though. I find myself continuously fascinated by the zillions of games people play with one species or another of generic playing cards; there is a symmetry also between the flow of information and value within any given card game, and the fluid interplay and historical lineage of the games themselves, their classifications, their mechanisms and rules. I would like to hear more people talk about them.

@Z.D.: True enough, with the exception of poker and its variants.

That's quite true. That's actually a very interesting point, because these days I find it hard to imagine poker as a game. It seems like more of a sport. The word 'game' seems to imply something necessarily collaborative, or at least a kind of agreed-upon honor system. And poker, as any lucrative, highly popular pursuit, has institutionalized itself, and become a single structure, or series of large related structures, that individuals enter and try to excel at for personal profit.

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