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April 02, 2009


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It's been over a month since Tropicana said they were going back to the old look. When?? I saw a new-look Tropicana billboard by my grocery store this week, and haven't seen the return to old packaging yet. Except when I go to IHOP, which still has the same old straw-in-an-orange placards in carafes at the tables to promote OJ sales.

PR Newswire is mentioning that Tropicana decided to move back based on feedback gathered through Social Media tools.
Do you think this is for real or is this a smart move to start a positive buzz using their name?

PS: link to PR Newswire article available on my blog.

@Armel: I mentioned the Twitter connection in my original post: http://is.gd/qBPd

I use Twitter a lot, and I did notice a lot of negative commentary.

He sounds pretty terrible. I think all those oranges messed with his mind. That Tropicana redesign was not too impressive.

Wow. Just... wow. These two statements astound me:

"...sales of the Tropicana Pure Premium line plummeted 20% between Jan. 1 and Feb. 22, costing the brand tens of millions of dollars."


"Neil Campbell, president of Tropicana North America, says Tropicana will continue working with Arnell."

WTF? A 20% loss in sales in a month, directly attributable to Arnell's incompetence, and Tropicana still plans to work with him?

Maybe it's time to fire the president of Tropicana.

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