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April 14, 2009


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My Mac's built-in widget dictionary (drawn from the New Oxford American Dictionary) lists zaftig as an English word dating to the '30s. I'm not sure why Wilk thinks it's so inside-Yiddish. I think it's familiar enough to evoke "zaftig" in a pharmaceutical name--scarcely less direct than the "cardi" connection in heart drug Cardizem. (And I'm 100% gentile!)

Aesthetic bewilderment. Yes! That's sort of what we felt one night when we saw a Zaftique ad on TV.

Perhaps the "gen" is for "generation", as in "generation chubby" (vs "X" or whatever)?

@Amy: You hang out with the smart set. I've drawn blank stares many times with "zaftig." I also know college-educated Americans who don't know what "maven" or even "mazel tov" means.

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