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April 30, 2009


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I think it's simply missing a period, and then then the word after where the period goes was lower cased.

"... true masterpiece of dance. Our records show ..."

Someone probably accidently hit the backspace key when the cursor was to the right of the period and later, in a rush, "fixed" Our.

@Rusty: Read the original sentence again. It's "one of the performances ... YOU have attended in the past." (Emphasis added.) In other words (as if there weren't already too many!), "tell us what you liked about the performance you saw"--not just any old performance.

Handel took the titles from Milton's poems. Perhaps they were trying to mimic his Latinate constructions, or not.

@Lance: I do appreciate your erudite comments! I was looking at the title of the Morris work, which has a comma (but not an Oxford comma).

Nancy, you're right; the original version is appalling. However, speaking personally, I think your version would scan even better with the word 'so' before 'tell us'. It flows better and makes the full stop -- sorry 'period' -- less abrupt.

It may be a bit much for even the most adept sentence diagrammer to diagram but I found it to be perfectly clear and understandable.

@John: Granted, my edit may seem a bit abrupt. But I wouldn't insert "So" to improve the flow. It's too offhand a locution for this university arts organization. Here's another option: "We'd like to know what you thought of it! Send us your comments and..."

@David: Please let me know where you got your magic decoder ring. I obviously need to own one!

Joe Yang probably wrote that sentence. I will fail to mention this to him.

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