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April 17, 2009


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"...lets you create your own telegraph and mail it—you know, on paper and stuff?—just like back in the day."
What size envelope does a "telegraph" fit in?

@Barry: Whoops. This is what happens when I try to write after 11 p.m. Thanks for the catch; it's fixed now.

That thing with my gname makes it even more Celtic than it is.

Ooh, I'll play! First, my NPR name is Jelssica Athose. (Last name is a town in eastern France, population under 150.) Now to the cute URL: http://www.socuteurl.com/dinokitty I love it!

Good thing it's the smallest foreign town or my NPR name would be Johns Dufur (Reversed it reads like a Faulkner character - Dufur Johns). Dufur, Oregon being a small hamlet where the motto is "don't ask what you can do for Dufur, but rather what Dufur can do for you."

As it is, my NPR name is Johns Leysin. Pronounced with an intense nasal flare. Leysin is a small skiing resort in the Swiss Alps.

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