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March 17, 2009


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Okay, I'll play. Bulltron - Chastity Clapp, for the breathtaking ignorance needed to put these names together; Sithole - Richard Titball, of course; Dragonwagon - Velvet Milkman because it makes me crack up; and Chrotchtangle - I cannot resist Moonlit Wang.
I can't predict a winner yet though.
And P.S., Nancy, check out the 2004 winner on the NOTY site - the late father of an old Hebrew school pal. I have those boxes in my basement!

@Jessica: Mr. Fruithandler's name reminds me of Indian occupational surnames. Merchant comes to mind. And there's a prominent executive at ad agency Publicis named Rashid Tobaccowala ("wala"= vendor).

@Fritinancy - In addition to Indian occupational surnames, there are lots of common occupational surnames in English. I continue to be amused that my great-grandfather Cutler came from Sheffield, England (home of cutlery). There are also lots of Bakers, Cooks, Coopers (barrel-makers), Fletchers (arrow-makers), and all of those Smiths....

@NextMoon: Of course. And also Schneider (tailor), Schuster (shoemaker), Kellner (waiter), etc. The Indian surnames are especially interesting because they're bilingual or English in a non-native-English-speaking context.

A) Who is responsible for the seeding? Did they use a random number table or some computer-generated pseudo-random algorithm?


2) Who is responsible for choosing JPEG for the formatting of the picture?

A) I don't know.
B) I don't know.
I suggest you visit NOTY and leave questions there.

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