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March 18, 2009


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Very nice!

I like the logo, too--the ÷ sign is a clever way to evoke both DIVorce and balance.

Thanks for the credit, though it's always easier when I'm beginning with a good, non-descriptive mark. When I checked out the website, I was very impressed as well.

nice layout of the website. looking forward to read more from you

If I read the name of the company and the tagline MINUS "Divorce Funding" I would have no idea what this service does. I even had to stop and think about "divorce funding" though I've paid for a few myself. This is not a criticism, it just means they have an opportunity to educate potential clients.

@Duchesse: You're very astute. In fact, this is an entirely new area of business, and a lot of public education will be required. The company founder is responsible for creating new divorce law in her home state and wants to bring the benefits to the broader population. Coming up with a succinct way to express this new business model was a challenge: We worked as hard on "Divorce Funding" as on "Balance Point." As Jessica points out in her comment, it was critical to create a NON-descriptive mark ("Balance Point") that could pass the trademark process (descriptive marks are a no-no)--yet still engender positive associations and a desire to learn more.

By the way, this is why computer name generators rarely work--it takes a lot of questions and discussion to develop a successful name.

A very interesting opportunity, with an equally interesting problem to solve. Congratulations to you and all of your team!

I especially appreciate your case study, which not only illustrates your value proposition, but also the value in your client's business. Thanks so much.

Nice work, Nancy. Looks like this new company won't have much need for my appellate law services.


I know this is a bit of subject, but did you ever find out what that balancepoint.com site was all about? It's a bit of a weird site.



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