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March 20, 2009


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As a net nerd, I first learned the word deprecated when reading about deprecated html tags. It might be an extension of that usage.

I am going to be calling the clothes I buy and never wear "abandonwear". The items I turn to routinely will be "redress". Thanks for expanding my vocabulary too!

Well, thanks for clearing that up, but if the intended meaning is "discontinue," why not use the (dare I say, perfectly cromulent) existing word instead of bastardizing "deprecate?"

Like Mike Pope, I'm also a technical writer. In my experience, when software companies say that something -- a feature, an HTML tag, a file format, whatever -- is deprecated, they typically mean a combination of discontinued, no longer supported, and on it's way out the door.

In the case you cite, the service will no longer be available. In contrast, you can still include the deprecated HTML tags in an HTML file, but they won't do anything anymore.

Please don't construe this as a justification for the way my colleagues at software companies mangle English. It's merely an explanation of what they're trying to say.

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