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March 27, 2009


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I'd saved that picture a couple years ago and couldn't remember where I'd found it. Thanks for looking it up. I think someone slipped me some Kelp-a-malt last year...

Oh, ugh.
These bogus nutritional claims may have gotten the stuff taken off of the market then, but I'll have you know my late 70's SF/Bay Area childhood included some sort of evil kelp powder that was whipped up and I was expected to drink that crap. Possibly malt was involved.

Later, I was upgraded to simple kelp tablets...

And for those of us with thyroid problems, iodine supplements are part of our daily routine. (Kelp was suggested; check out kelp tablets in the supplements section of your local Pharmaca or Whole Foods store.)

thanks for sharing~but i m not so understand "Kelp-a-Malt"~

Mmmm, food iodine...

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