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February 16, 2009


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This is my new favorite blog. I so need this blog.

Thanks for the good word of the week: Freemium.

But now you have me puzzling on the "no visible means of support" biz model. Like the Wonder Bra it appears to be a miracle of sorts.

Or maybe it is The Commons notion minus the property tax to support it?

Or maybe it is like the drug dealer getting you hooked on free samples upfront?

Thanks for stirring the pot. Amazing what words can do.

Keep creating...words that provoke,

Freemium is definitely a business model with a growing popularity. Skype is the perfect example. They can give a away their free service to millions, virtually without increasing their cost base.

Twitter is more challenging because they actually have to pay for their bandwidth and they don't even know what to charge for yet... It is likely they won't evolve towards a freemium model, but more towards a double-sided market. They already developed a large user base. Now they only have to develop the right service for "the other side of the market...

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