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February 10, 2009


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One is struck speechless.

What's really great is that the Arnell home page still has the same crap it had 18 months ago when you looked at it, complete with "Please excuse us while our website is under construction." Who would hire them?!? Besides Pepsi, I mean. I guess if you're looking for someone to "execute across every consumer and trade touchpoint," Arnell's the group to go with.

after a year-and-a-half the group's web-page is still under construction. they must be distracted... by the gravitational pull of their intense sucking.

Ye gads. Please don't tell me what Arnell was paid for this tosh fest.

@Tracey: "Pepsi would not discuss what it's paying for the revamp, but experts estimate the cost for a top firm to work five months at north of $1 million." - Advertising Age, Oct. 27, 2008.

"... north of $1 million." We would have done it for half that. :)

I wonder if Arnell tracked how much of that budget went into actually designing the logo versus how much was spent on the presentation to sell it.

Peter Arnell is evidently one of Martha Stewart's BFFs, since he has appeared on her TV show many times, displaying his various collections. He reminds me of the character "Sanjay" from the CBC series "Slings and Arrows" (Sundance Channel), and this latest effort only reinforces that image.

Thanks, Nancy, for this post. My jaw hasn't dropped this far this fast in a while.

Pepsi logo looks like store brand now.

I thought Korean Airlines had merged with Pepsi and Pepsi adopted the KAL logo.

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