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February 23, 2009


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Focus groups are not necessarily a waste of time when used properly, i.e. as an exploratory phase and a prelude to more in-depth quantitative research. In fact, when used appropriately, they are indispensable!

Elena: Yes, that was my point--that the research and interviews need to be done before design work begins. Too often, focus groups are used after the fact, to rubber-stamp a direction or elicit a vote.

count me as the curmudgeon/devil's advocate here. I had switched away from the mainstream brands like tropicana to florida's natural and organic valley, expecting an improved flavor over the mainstream. this packaging had actually swayed me to trying it again - just looked like those really good glasses of valencia that you pay someone else to squeeze.

it would be interesting to look at Tropicana's mkt share since the organic movement started a few years back, and see if they were listening to the RIGHT customers here. Maybe they needed to ask the ones they lost rather than those who weren't necessarily going to leave anyway (a la Republican party politics in 2008).

Wow. That redesigned package is a hundred times worse than the new Pepsi logo and packaging. (For the record, I like the clean new look of Pepsi's packaging, even though I'm pretty meh about the new logo.)

The old Tropicana package says, "So fresh you might as well be sucking it straight from a freshly picked orange," while the new one merely says, "There is orange juice inside this container."

How exactly does this agency get any work when they spout such BS and produce such mediocre designs?

Best news I've heard all week! Everywhere I've turned I've seen criticism of the new design or huge billboards with the Squeeze campaign. I love Tropicana juice (didn't have any opinion on the company until the redesign mess - didn't even know they were owned by Pepsi) and am glad that even if it's late, they're finally listening.

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