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February 06, 2009


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Fortunately, then, ISO _is_ usually pronounced "eye-zo". :-)

You've got to love ISO 9001. It's supposed to be a quality-assurance standard, but says nothing about how good the product is, only how consistent. You can produce a rubbish product or service, but as long as you have documented systems and follow them, you can have ISO 9001 certification.

@John: Are you in the U.K.? Here in the U.S. I've never heard "ISO" pronounced as a word, only as eye-ess-oh. A pondish distinction?

In Greece, ISO is indeed pronounced "eye-zo", like a word. And you're right: "isos" (masculine) and "iso" (neuter) means "equal" in greek.

In Italy too, we pronounce it as a whole word ("ee-zo"). Never heard the three letters spelled out!

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