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January 12, 2009


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MKE is, I think, the nicest U.S. airport I've ever flown out of, and one of the nicest in any country. I don't remember seeing the Recombobulation Area when I was there about a year ago, but it's very cool that they have such an area (now that there's so much more discombobulation involved in going through security than there used to be), and that they gave it such a charming name. What impressed me most, since I arrived there about four hours before my flight, was that they have a really good used bookstore there--one can pass a fair bit of time browsing, and buy something to read on the plane that isn't just a generic paperback bestseller. And there's the Mitchell Gallery of Flight, where one can learn about people like Major Dick Bong (speaking of memorable names). Other airports should take note.

@Q. Pheevr: Wow, a used bookstore in an airport? Excuse me ... I ... I'm ... getting a little choked up. I may have to fly into Milwaukee just to experience it.

It was great to meet you too!

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