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January 12, 2009


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To me, this is an exercise in Why? Should a book on tape be a Tovel? The same audiobook on CD, a CDovel? A printed book, a Provel? A Kindle-delivered book, a Kovel?

And what about other web forms? Woetry? Wripts? Wort stories?

Is all this to be termed "WWWriting"?

Neologisms (which I truly love when done right) must a) communicate what no other word or phrase can communicate or communicate it with efficiency or panache, and b) deliver clarity and not confusion or distraction. In regard to that latter point, I see "wovel" and think the good Rev. Spooner was trying to write "vowel," and when I dispel that silly thought, I land on a sillier thought based on a commercial for a kid's toy: "Wovels weeble but they don't fall down."

@Bill: I think a Kindle-delivered book is a Kivel. Any resemblance to "kibble" is purely intentional.

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