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January 08, 2009


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That ad is disturbing.

Hole-eee crap, lady. I go searching google images for wine labels having to do with death, not because I am entirely morbid but because I'm getting ready to post about wine which I haven't done in a while, ergo - I'm back from the dead - and I find you. And you are awesome. And probably not all that excited about your new stalker and her run-on sentences. Sorry 'bout that. Cheers!

@Jenny: Hi there! Nice to meet a kindred spirit. Drop a line when you write that morbid wine post, OK?

Wait a minute, what exactly is the copy saying here? "Man Glaze your nails...all of them" ?!?

Where exactly are they suggesting I put that nasty stuff? On my, er, "nail"? Yikes!

I don't think grey's really my color.

Namer X

WOW! Haven't seen anything like that since Art Crumb. Nuk! Nuk! Yuk! Hubba! Hubba!

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