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January 05, 2009


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I agree, and I'm glad to hear an expert's take on this one. Of course, the idea behind the org itself is very nice to begin with.

Oh, I saw the tail end of this just the other day, and did a double take. It is truly a great organization. Wow.

This post is a great primer on branding! Nice.

Only one small gripe, regarding the logo.

When branding people -- or whoever it is sets them in stone -- design logos, they never (well hardly ever) consider what they will look like on TV (the Brand Guide invariably proves that). Then when you come to make a commercial you often end up with this offset, 'out-of-white' (ie., designed for print) mess that you have to try to work into the end frame with a lot of other type.

So a plea to brand people: when coming up with ideas, please also consider what the logo will look like in other forms than print: for instance as a three second 3D animation (no, you hadn't considered that, had you?). Often the best logos for TV and film are out of black.

Thank you for the wonderful review, Nancy. Scott Goodson and his fantastic ad agency, StrawberryFrog, get credit for the logo, tag line and commercials.

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