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January 26, 2009


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Nancy -- I hope this means you are too busy working on the book of the blog.

@Tracey: In my dreams.


Well, Jon, you'll just have to giddyup on over to Twitter. It's where all the cool kids hang.

Hey, Nancy - we'll miss you every day you're gone, you should come back to full-time soon. You're a great blogger.

And anybody who has a political axe to grind with you should just (oh, how I've been waiting to say this) - GET OVER IT!


I understand, but come back soon.

Yes! I agree with Mark. Well said.
Also there "Great Posts" to catch up on. I missed the first year so now I can start back at June 8, 2006 .( If I start to get the shakes) Thanks.

I've just started following you on Twitter. Don't let me down!

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