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January 21, 2009


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I am still teary today myself and wept over the same NYT article on Obama's extended family. Thank-you for the Hillel quote, it is perfect.

Agree with the Alexander reflection. Poem is Walt Whitman-ish, and it reads better on paper. Her delivery was too deliberate.

Why we cry.
Read: Deborah Kenny: Harlem Village Academies 7th graders Blog the Inauguration

The Hillel quote is so very apt, and I loved JC's column as well.

Several of my friends were heartened by the non-believer shout-out during a ceremony that was larded with prayers and "God-blesses," and I thought, "YES. This is the example which all of us should learn to follow." Making room for other points of view, acting with actual affection and not mere tolerance. Lovely. Thanks for the NYT link.

Before you declare the nightmare to be over and start shedding tears of happiness again, just a reminder that peace has not broken out, the world in NOT about to start loving us (as is clear to anyone who has truly experienced the world outside the Bay Area), and the New Era is new only in the lore of the Left:





WWLDIBHDI (what would libs do if Bush had done it?)



@Jan, you've already left this comment once. That was sufficient. Please move along to a political blog--Fritinancy is about naming and branding.

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