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December 18, 2008


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I think "oily" might be the way Popeye would pronounce the word "early."

@Bob: Ha! I think you're right. The oily boy gets the spinach?

"Oily Boy" is the actual nickname of the late Jiro Shirasu, once the coolest guy in Japan.

Tall, rich and movie-star handsome, Shirasu was educated at Cambridge University, where he drove a Bentley. After Japan's defeat in World War II, his excellent English and smooth demeanor helped when he was called on to negotiate the terms of the U.S. occupation with Gen. Douglas MacArthur.

Shirasu was one of the first Japanese men of substance to allow himself to be photographed while hanging out in jeans. He owned and often tinkered with fine automobiles. On social occasions, his pants and shirts were sometimes stained with oil.

"That kind of man never forgets the 'boy' in him," says the OilyBoy Declaration, which can be found in the magazine's first edition. "The boys became not adults, but 'elder boys.' And that is why we cry out loud: We are Oily Boys."

Taken from http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2008/12/16/AR2008121602587.html


just more of a shout out.


Hi, how can i get a copy of oily boy? I work at a publishing company in london and we're interested in it. Any advice?


@Hollie: Sorry--I don't have a clue. You might contact The Sartorialist or ask a friend in Japan to send you a copy. I've never seen the magazine myself.

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