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November 25, 2008


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I guess I'm a bit perverse, because I'd buy it just for the name. That's how I discovered a nice table chardonnay, Fat Bastard.

Dead letters! does it not sound like dead men? ... On errands of life, these letters speed to death.
Ah Bartleby! Ah humanity!

@Bob: I could respond to your comment, but I would prefer not to.

We keep a fair number of spirits around the house unopened purely for their name value, Monty Python's Holy (Gr)Ail primary among them. On the more aspirational side, though, are two wines displayed proudly (and hopefully): Poet's Leap and The Novelist.

Argh! Bartleby. The scourge of my undergrad existence. I was forced to read it no less than four separate times over the course of four years, and the intensity of my hatred for the story grew exponentially each time (it's now approximately the size of the sun).

That being said... it's hard to say no to a wine that features the word "abstruse" on the label.

It may very well be that with the plethora of winerys and the myriad of wines in recent years maverick names for wines are becoming a necessity.

@Bill: Ditto here. Gathering dust in the basement are a bottle of Well Red and a bottle of Screw Kappa Napa (yes, the latter has a screw-cap). And I love He'Brew, "the Chosen Beer."

Maybe their niche market is professional namers who don't like wine...and you've fallen right into their trap!

Yippee! I managed to guess it was an Australian wine before you revealed it. They just have a knack for entertaining wine nomenclature. This is not the only "dead" wine in Australia - d'Arenberg makes a Dead Arm Shiraz as well, which hints at more than just a bottled headache!

Let's not forget the Australian wine label Suxx.

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