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November 05, 2008


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Thank you so much Nancy for your strength and passion to express your feelings so personally and positively.

Nancy: never lost for words. Thank you for expressing some of the many emotions many of us are feeling on this incredible day.

Wonderful, optimistic thoughts! Thanks for sharing.

Nancy: Thanks - as Joshua's father, I can tell you he was happy with the election results because (a) McCain had a bad temper and (b) because Obama's daughters would soon be getting a puppy. He got to watch history last night (we let him stay up a little late on a school night) and was counting the electoral votes with great interest. Thanks for being a caring Aunt.

It was so hard to go to bed last night knowing I was eight hours ahead of home, and had no way of knowing what the outcome would be -- I mean, I was PRETTY sure, but shenanigans have happened, you know? And I just couldn't stay awake anymore -- but this morning --

Well, Reagan was the one who said it was "morning in America." But I also think your words are quote worthy: how lovely to grow up in the Age of Reason.


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