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November 20, 2008


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Yes, but she and her editor don't know how to spell Dita von Teese's name. *grumble*

TypePad ate my apostrophes. Maybe I can add some extras here: ' ' ' ' ' '

Hmm, nope. It ate every apostrophe.

Oh my, she's good - how come I missed out all this time? (I'll blame Canada and my living-on-an-island status for causing this blind spot!)

Now I can mark my calender to check NYT's "Style" section on Thursdays. Thanks for pointing to her article(s), Nancy!

She has the way with words, that one does. Almost Tom Robbins-esque.

@Orange et al: I have filed two Help tickets with TypePad about the missing apostrophes. It seems they know about the problem but have not figured out how to solve it. I can (and will) make the fixes from my Edit Comments page, but like you I am eager to start using contractions again.

@Yule: Cintra is one of two or three Critical Shoppers at the Times; she alternates with at least one male reporter. He's good, but Cintra's one of a kind.

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