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November 07, 2008


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Rod - high performance automotive parts
John - bathroom renovations and repairs
Jimmy - locksmith
Will - estate planning
Lily - florist
Sally - tours and excursions

Ms. Ed for manuscript editors.

Lacey, Eveningwear for Women.

Chuck, the Steakhouse.

Hector, the Journal of the Association of School Psychologists.

You can do this all day.

Dusty Daily - for studio potters.
pun on "Ceramics Monthly"

Frank - Financial Advice
Jo - Coffee News
Justin - Time Management

and so on

Abel: magazine for the physically challenged

(Get rid of that Cane!)

(this post punctuation challenged because of faulty keyboard, sorry)
Wecome to ,,DUSTY,, the potters magazine. Hi folks , I,m Dusty Daily letting you in on the nittyGRITTY of today,s ceramics. Together with my assistants, Sandy and Muddy,we will potter about showing you the latest ART. Come on in ,,Let,s Get Dusty !

Chastity- for single Catholic women. (and men too!) Endorsed by the Pope. (usa address available)

Dianne Magazine -- For Hairdressers with a Limited Clinetele.

Bob - The Magazine for Mohels

Penny - Home finance / small business magazine
Colin - Phone-based news tip service (call in? ???)

Also, I can't claim credit to this one but Kanye West makes a "She couldn't buy a car so she named her daughter Alexis" pun in one of his earlier songs.

Chad - a magazine for voting machine manufacturers

Bud - all about marijuana.

Alfredo - a magazine for Italian chefs
Lance - a magazine for weapons collectors
Miles - a magazine for long-distance runners
Roman - a magazine for classicists
Oscar - a magazine for grouches :)

Ralph - Anti-nausea medication and sleep aid
Tracy - Helps people uncover their ancestors
Rob - High-tech alarm company
Phil - Helps foundations invest in nonprofits
Mike - Helps aspiring comedians develop their voices

John - the website that lets prostitutes find clients.

Named this after myself...

Josh - the magazine for comedians
Just Joshin'

In the world of niche magazines, I can see the power of a person's name to evoke inspiration.

Great ideas above. Here are some more:

Paul - funerals, caskets, and etiquette
Kelly - HR and recruiting
Don - another clothing magazine
Candy - for the sweetness in life
Martha - feng shui in prison

Thanks Josh,
Nick- Shavers Weekly
Artie- Paint by numbers
Curt- For the short and snappy
Lulu- Oops are us
Brigit-To nowhere ,building blocks
Samson-How to bring down the house
Ace- Know when to holdem

Mark - the magazine for folks who dream up names and trademarks.

How could I resist?

Monica Branding: Find the perfect name for your business.

(It probably only works in Britain or another r-less region.)

Grant - The Journal of Fundraising

Brad - Nails & Fasteners Monthly

Tracey - For Beginner Artists

Mort - The Magazine for Funeral Directors

Parker - Valet Weekly

Ernie - All About Payroll

Reid - The Literacy Journal

Jessica Stone Levy has great taste in brand names. "Sue" is on Pollywog's soon-to-be-published "Best Brand Names of 2008." Another of Beauty Marks' discoveries--Momspit--very nearly made the list, too.

Fun post, Nancy!

Ok, here goes:

Wade, the magazine for duckhunters not afraid to get their feet wet

Cliff, for mountaineers with a sense of adventure

Barb, the magazine for sharp tongued women

(Is it just me, or is anyone else having trouble seeing apostrophes and ampersands in the comments? There should be an ampersand between "Nails" and "Fasteners" in my comment above, and of course in all the possessives. I've viewed it in Firefox 3.0 and IE7 and get the same results. Weird.)

Can we duplicate with new tagline..?? Ahh what the hey...

Mark - If you have a point to make...

Christian - You know you believe...

Tyler - When you absolutely, positively need to grout.

Logan - We are your wings to Boston

Nathan - The best hot dog ever..!!

Dylan - Zeroing in on Zimmerman

Gabriel - We will blow your horn.

Angel - Your guide to all heavenly things.

Jose - We know the way to San...

Jack - If you're feeling flat we will pick you up..!!

Mason - Just another brick in the wall...

Austin - Your guide to the best of Texas.

Luke - Luke what we got for you.

Justin - Your breaking-news resource.

Hunter - Cartridge, rim-fire, black-powder ... we shoot 'em all..!!

Jesus - People just think we are religious...

Chase - Helping you run-down what you want and need.


@Devon: TypePad launched a new Beta comments format last Thursday, and it still has bugs. I can see all the HTML punctuation on my Edit Comments page, but as you point out it does not appear in published comments. I have filed a help ticket with TypePad, and as you can see am working hard to avoid contractions.

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