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November 06, 2008


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Likek's blog and the comments were quite entertaining. "Uncall" seems to mean, "to take back a guess" but I can't think of another case, outside of elections and the media that it could be used. I could "take back" a statement, "correct a mistake"or "review" the call(as in baseball), but technically speaking how do we go back in time and erase our mistake? "Delete" is close to being outmoded as is "rewind". Maybe we need a short snappy word to reflect the reality of modern communication. Just a minute , I'll be right back. I need to uncall my retweet.

Nancy! the new post a comment format ,,,"""uncalled""",,, all my upper punctuation! Honest!

Nancy! Upper punctuation was,,, "uncalled",,, by new comment format. Honest! also first follow up notice missing from comment page trying again!

OK! all 3 comments up, but all 3 missing """,,,quote ,,,""" marks.
Should be triple quotes around,""" uncalled,""" Hope this was helpful!
ps quotes are visable in the preview and edit sections

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