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October 11, 2008


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Samuel Johnson once signed a letter to his publisher 'Yours, Sir, impransus' (ie without dinner) to show just how poor he was. Perhaps World Impransus would be appropriate, or, more parochially, ImpransUS.

"Economic Reboot," as already suggested or "Reset" is quite correct, even if it doesn't capture the flavor of emotion that we're being subjected to.

Here are some that are entirely unserious:

The Greeened Span
The Great Bare Market of 2008
The Great Despair

I've been trying to come up with something, but the logical names are already taken.
Republican/depression=repression(This strikes a chord,but what?)
diabolical/depression= digression
Ah! crash/ depression=
The Great Crashession
or maybe The Great DeCrash ?

Also, "Global Financial Meltdown" just popped up on the Yahoo News.
Suddenly, it came to me.
global/meltdown = "Globdown"
I like it. It reminded me of Steve McQueen's first movie named "The Blob". A huge blob of jelly getting bigger and bigger destroying a small American town and threatening to destroy the world; an appropriate image. Steve finally cooled it to death with a fire extinguisher;also an apt metaphor. (Why don't they just freeze the markets for a while?) What we need then is a giant Steve McQueen with an equally huge fire extinguisher.

The BushBaby


Bush's Bequest

The GOPression

Or, most simply, Republican + Depression =

(ta da!) The Great Repression

Sadly, coming up with new words is far harder than naming stuff. Using the FUDGE Scale - developed by A. Metcalf - and described at the end of this article - http://www.smh.com.au/news/words/at-the-birth-of-a-sniglet/2005/12/01/1133311137173.html?page=fullpage#contentSwap4 - can make the job easier.

I'm partial to Repression, in that everyone feels this was caused by someone other than themselves and that those greedy people are holding down everyone else. However, repression already has a pretty standard meaning, so adding a new one would be difficult. (I love the play with the D for R swap, but it just won't fly.)

The problem with almost every description I see used in the news is that there's too much "aren't I clever" in them. For a name to work I'm thinking it'll need to capture the sense of fear and lack of options we've got.

"The Great Repression" was actually the first thing I wrote down. Interesting to see others think it has legs.

Upon a little more thinking I'm going to put my chit in for The Great Disintigration or The Financial Disintigration. Seems quite literal, unfunny, and made of words in common use. Not too bad on the FUDGE scale. Certainly not overly clever.

Perhaps it would be better spelled correctly...



Crapfest '08.


I might suggest Sub-Primate Progression.

And if I might be so bold as to point to a blog (not mine for a change!) that parodies not specifically about what to call the overall economic miasma but how the stock market "downturn" has been characterized to us, I urge all to visit http://johnnyb-lateforthesky.blogspot.com/2008/10/crash-into-me.html

Global Freezing?

system panic!!!

How about "Finanaxed."

Thanks, everyone! Great work! I've been chuckling over several of these, especially Sub-Primate Progression. Very clever.

Barry, how would you pronounce Finanaxed? And what's the noun form? (I survived the ____ and all I got was this lousy begging bowl.)

Michael Quinion's "World Wide Words" has a section this week about new words from the current financial mess. For example, he notes that "The Times" used the word "recessionistas" to describe people around town these days.

The whole thing is in the October 11 newsletter, http://worldwidewords.org


Regarding the "New World Odor" and selecting a name with more meaning...I would toss in my selection: "Free Fall Economy". --Rusty


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