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October 09, 2008


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Unfortunately ,the campaign has degenerated into putrid zingers.
Thank you very much though for introducing me to Roz Chast. I found the Oct. 10th 2006 video interview with her and Steve Martin. It was so delightful that I'm planning to watch it again with a bottle of wine. Cheers

One of the most powerful concepts in the realm of honor is one's word. Mr. McCain refers to "words" in the plural to attack his opponent while denying his own "word," which was to not engage in such attacks.

Words escape me. Hopefully, word does not.

Have you seen Roz Chast and Steve Martin's ABC book? I love it. When the D page has a drunk, you know you're in Chast territory rather than standard abecedarian books.

Beautifully put, Bill.

Orange, I just added the Chast-Martin book to my Amazon wish list. By the way, Steve Martin's autobiography, "Born Standing Up," is also terrific; I enjoyed the audiobook version even more than the print version, which is saying something!

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