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October 31, 2008


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Ok, well, there was 45 minutes wasted. :-) Actually not, though, because I did learn some new spellings. I had some trouble *hearing* some of the words, like "thievery" and "laniary." The definition in both of these cases was not helpful.

Something I found interesting as I proceeded was how much it does actually help to have a grasp of (at least some) classical-language roots, and a smattering of French and German. There were certainly words I spelled right only because I was able to guess successfully based on just that, ie, words that I don't truly know.

Anyway, fun -- thanks for passing this along!

OK, I was able to stop before 45 minutes... but I did bookmark it for future attempts.

Maxed out at 700/710

Several words were repeated within the twenty or so words that I attempted, but certainly challenging. Having a science background seemed to help also.

Fun link..!! And I have always enjoyed playing with Visual Thesaurus. Might be the tipping point for me.


Thanks for the feedback! Mike, as the Bee page explains, listening with headphones will greatly improve your ability to hear nuances of pronunciation. And Tom, words do indeed repeat over the course of the game, but only the words that you misspell. We're trying to encourage players to learn the words that they get wrong.

@ Ben Zimmer -- Thanks for the tip, I'll try that. It truly is addicting ... my daughter (college kid) said she'd spent hours on the page.

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