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October 08, 2008


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"Got that? The EFAC is criticizing the EFCA, getting all up in its FACE, you might say."

...Did you read about this at an internet CAFE?

I couldn't help but think about EFCA and EFAC's stance on the CAFE (corporate average fuel economy) standards.

I'm partial to making sure the reader understands I'm talking about DOLLARS, so I like to go with $30$ million dollars $.

Welcome to my world. It's amazing how much government folks love their abbreviations. I've seen sentences in which every noun was an abbreviation. Seriously. And I've seen reports in which an abbreviation is introduced, only to be used ONCE in the entire document. What's the point? Why give your readers a headache if you don't have to?

I think that THEY think abbreviations dress up the report -- make it seem more formal and edumacated. Bah!

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