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October 03, 2008


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"OliveUs.com is taken, but most likely for sale. Act now!"

Or, in other words, "Olive Us! Why not take Olive Us?"

Re: FullChoke

Is not the bottle shape uhmm, somewhat phallic in shape and design..??

FullChoke: 'for the man who knows no limit.' Sounds like a bad date taken to the criminal level.



It may not be a good name for the US, but it's hard to better Vergina in Macedonia. That's where the ancient Macedonian kings were buried, including Philip of Macedonia, Alexander the Great's dad.

The sun of Vergina, an image found on Philip's tomb, is the symbol of Macedonia.

All this, by the way, is a flash point between Macedonia and Greece, which even disputes Macedonia's right to be called Macedonia. That's why the country was originally, at least in official circles, FYROM -- the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

@Lance: Thanks! I knew I could count on you for geopolitical context.

Nice article !

Vergina is indeed a small town in Macedonia, Greece: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vergina

As for the FYROM name dispute, that's a different story...

Goop, the hand cleaner, was for decades the degreaser of preference in millions of workplaces (not just garages; I was a typesetter, and we had it). It's the origin of the eponymous "goopy", which refers now to anything of its consistency, which is sort of sour creamy, but completely non-greasy. Lots of hair products in salons get referred to as "goopy" or just "goop" for whatever the gel set is.

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