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September 01, 2008


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>But Bristol is a girl

Well, there's been a trend in naming girls for geographical locations -- Dakota, Montana, Madison. Not counting Lourdes, Ravenna, and Paris from years past. Just a thot.

@Mike: The Madison trend originated with the Daryl Hannah mermaid character in "Splash," who named herself after the first street sign she saw: Madison Avenue (not Madison the city).

In general, there's been a 20-year trend toward giving girls "androgynous" (or traditionally male) first names: Taylor, Curtis, Hunter, etc. The trend swings in only one direction: I notice there's been no corresponding increase in, say, boys named Sue.

First up, I'm all for men reclaiming names like Meredith and Leslie and Carol. I don't want them for myself, but I think other people should take them if they so choose.

Secondly, the wish that Trig would be good at math is WAY awkward in that he is Palin's Down Syndrome-stricken child.

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