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September 26, 2008


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The funny thing is, growing up in Seattle, I recall my father having a very serious tone whenever he spoke of seeing his banker at Washington Mutual. The logo was somber. It sat in a 1960s concrete bunker. I never entered there.

I forgot about Washington Mutual for some time while I studied in Europe. Then coming back to the Pacific Northwest on vacation it had transformed to the hip WaMu. Everyone in Seattle felt it was part of the culture (especially since my first checking account at Seafirst had been gobbled up by BofA) and cheered on the stodgy local hero turned hungry hipster.

Cut to NYC years later. The WaMu invasion. No one cared it was from Seattle. It was all trucker hats, irony and yummy free checking. Ads taunting stodgy bankers trapped, I recall, in some bullpen. The tagline in the last year: WooHoo! WaMu!

Now, more DOH!

Umm, yeah. WaMu is a toy name, a clown name. Not a name that inspires confidence. We should be surprised they went under?

Okay, I'll play devil's advocate: Yahoo? Google?

Yahoo and Google seem to fit the internet very well. Google sounds like bubble and goggle, scuba diving around the net:colorful and exiting. Yahoo gives the impression of riding through on a horse also thrilling.
WaMu along with other euphemistic loan company names such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae may be the true cause of the financial crisis. After all would you do business with a company named, "Slimy Shark Loans", "You sign it ;we sell it." ?

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