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September 25, 2008


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I believe you to be wrong, Nancy. It's insulting to suggest that Miss Teen South Carolina was Sarah Palin's coach. Obviously the opposite was true. Coach Palin's grasp of world geography ("our next-door neighbors are foreign countries," she enlightens us) obviously elevated Miss Teen SC to the heights MTSC attained in that classic clip.

(source of quote: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080925/ap_on_el_pr/palin)

By the way, sorry to be mercenary in mentioning my blog in a comment (and you're welcome to delete it), but at http://everythingyouknowaboutenglishiswrong.com/blog1/2008/09/25/maybe-saying-what-you-mean-in-the-first-place-might-help/ I find it revealing that Palin refers to McCain's assertion that "the fundamentals of the economy are strong" as "verbiage"

@Bill: I thank you--a grateful nation thanks you--for your clarification.

I believe the term Palin used was "verbidge."

Less practice with a semiautomatic and more with a semicolon for Sarah(Politics aside on this one)Our Sarah is not only suffering from lack of detailed concepts but lack of vocabulary as she more and more struggles to put her ideas into words. She couldn't clearly verbalize her feeling of living in a state bordered by two foriegn countries. (credible or not with regards to the question) Then she couldn't verbalize her own feelings about the medias coverage of of her first remark.
(Here again I'm trying to remain non-judgemental of her opinions)
True, it may be that she was just nervous and couldn't get what she wanted to say out, but more likely it was just the lack of vocabulary.
It was painful for me to watch as I often have the same problem.

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