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September 03, 2008


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Shouldn't "heart" have an 's'? "we love with all our hearts"
We have been blessed with five wonderful children. We love them with all our hearts and they mean everything to us. We wouldn't trade them for a whole boatload of salmon. ........It's the thought that counts !
Seriously folks if Palin can keep up this kind of tugging at the heartstrings,Hallmark card mantra great grandmothers will be crawling out of their graves to vote for her. The Republicans know the value of the wholesome image of a middle class "MOM". Richard Nixon (talking about Pat)said, " That women is worth five million votes!" And all she did was stand next to him! Nancy Reagan is a saint or at least a constellation in heaven and was worth twice as many votes as Pat. Without Barbara Bush where would George be? She opened the convention and fits the "MOM" mold perfectly.
I can see it all now : As I leaf through my new Woman's Day magazine ( March 2009) I see the ad for finely crafted,lifelike ceramic figurines. "Wouldn't you like to add Vice President Sarah Palin to your first lady collection?" "Lots of guns. Lots of kids. Lots of oil. America we love you!"

And now for the TV series: http://www.236.com/news/2008/09/02/the_palins_the_best_show_on_te_1_8675.php

Yes, I'm obsessed as well. Schadenfreude and all, you know.

" . . .who we love with all our heart . . ."

Do Republicans have a collective organ?

@Jessica: Back at you with Levi's convention blog: http://tinyurl.com/65qc85

@Barry: Shhh. Never say "collective" to a Republican. Or, come to think of it, "heart."

.....and now it's, "a task that is from God." Wasn't this from a Blues Brothers movie?

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