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September 13, 2008


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Great post, Fritinancy. He deserved it.

Oh my. That's very sad and startling news, indeed.

I just recently re-read the version of the Rolling Stone piece that's in the collection Consider the Lobster; it goes by the title "Up, Simba" there, and it's longer than what appeared in the magazine, but shorter than a book. If it is a fan letter, I don't think it's a fan letter to John McCain--the people of whom Wallace speaks most highly in that essay are the television network camera operators and sound technicians, who offer the neophyte political reporter more sympathy, advice, and insight than anyone else he meets on the campaign trail. It's true that Wallace is awed by McCain's heroism as a POW, and by his apparent sincerity as a candidate, but he also expresses a lot of doubt about how those things can coexist with the cold-blooded calculation necessary to run a presidential campaign. In any case, I think Wyman was totally off the mark in suggesting that Wallace had said that McCain "should be supported by 'Young People' for president"; Wallace describes McCain's politics as unpalatably right-wing, and mentions (because Rolling Stone thought it relevant, not because he [DFW] did) that he (DFW) voted for Bill Bradley.

@Q. Pheevr: Thanks for those insights. I haven't yet read DFW's McCain piece, but plan to ASAP. I do remember that it generated a fair number of hostile reactions in addition to Wyman's.

There's a nifty little animation of a portion of "Consider the Lobster" at VidLit: http://www.vidlit.com/lobster/
I've linked to it previously, but it seems appropriate to re-link now.

Sadness. I always liked him & his essays. Thank you for this post.

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