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August 14, 2008


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The sinking living room is rather ominous, but I wouldn't mind a single-family home that's recently had its mouldings redone. And that cuddlesack sounds positively cosy.

@Q. Pheevr: Yes, but a remolded *bathroom* is something else again. Mold is bad enough the first time around.

You may have seen a wonderful piece in the New York Times recently about Clingstone, a house perched on a rock in Narragansett Bay. Its owner once ran an ad in the local paper looking for a caretaker. It read “Island occupant wanted to live in 23-room house. No charges. No duties. Ready now.” Somehow, the paper printed the last line as “Leaky now.” Not an example of Realtorspeak, but amusing nonetheless. Thanks for the tip Nancy.

At the end of a "cuddlesack?" It sounds really lonely and in need of a good hug ... oh wait, that's probably what happened at the beginning of the cuddlesack.

glad you liked the posting. Yours made me laugh too.

Ever specious/spacious conscious,
Redfin Sweetdigs

Love the real estate howlers, and I've linked this post, Nancy. Always enjoy your blog. Someone should do Chinese restaurant menus next.

@Amy: One order of sauteed wild bacteria, coming right up! http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/nll/?p=392

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