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August 25, 2008


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I would have figured out your objections eventually, but the first thing that struck me was the dangling modifier: "Walking through the Olympic Village the other day, here’s what struck me most." Not a terrible dangler, as danglers go, but my syntax antennae were more sensitive than my stereotypingstupidity antennae. (Occupational hazard, I suppose.)

Hey, where did my hyphen go? "Stereotyping hyphen stupidity," please.

@Jan: I gritted my teeth over that misplaced modifier, too. There seem to be a lot of them (and other grammatical errors) in the Times these days.

Oh, wow. Well said (about the dangling modifier as well). I just read an article on how newsroom maps often display Greenland as larger than Africa when it's really not. It's an enormous continent, with a lot going on there -- and people need to pay attention!

If you start gnashing your teeth about Tom "Air Miles" Friedman, you'll need dentures in the near future.

To be fair to Bob Costas, however, he made the point of saying that he introduces the CAR that way in each Olympics since he did it in 1992 and received a torrent of angry emails. It was a self-aware joke highlighting American ignorance about other countries.

By the way, I once asked someone in a job interview if they could name all the countries bordering the Central African Republic. He passed with flying colors (we were a very globally oriented group).

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