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August 11, 2008


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So who is [Joshua] Ramos-Cooper? According to a recent piece in the Albuquerque Journal, he “works as a managing director and partner at the Beijing office of Kissinger Associates.” Which explains a lot.

Shouldn’t NBC identify Cooper-Ramos as an employee of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who is one of the Americans closest to the Chinese leadership and whose business involves opening doors for Western companies seeking to do business in China?


It certainly would have been nice to knw about the other expert commentators.

I hate to admit it.. but I blogged about the McDonalds ads. Like you I think McD's is awful.. haven't eatten it in years. But there was the commercial you wrote about and one where two kids from different nations share a moment in an airport when he shares his apples (from his Happy Meal none the less). They would be perfect commercials sans McD's.
I have the kids soccer video up on my blog and am still searching for my favorite with the airport kids. That's actually how I found your blog :)

Anywho.. I couldn't agree more with your blog about all-of-the-above.

I have always loved the United Airlines ads for their supreme creativity. I was so absolutely mesmerized by the Sea Orchestra that I forgot I owned a TiVo for the duration of the ad.

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