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August 26, 2008


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Here in the colorful Northwest, a coho (unhyphenated) is a silver salmon.

By the way, in sending that comment, I notice that the requirement to enter a series of letters shown in a font that is not machine-readable is there to prevent "automated robots" from accessing the site. Are there other kinds of robots?

@Bob: I addressed the robot issue in June ( http://tinyurl.com/6na2jz ). Yes, there will be an exam!

At least Bernal Hill & Potrero Hill have the good sense not to ever do anything like that. You'd have to say you were going to Be-Hi.

Here in Seattle we have "SoDo", which is either "south downtown" or "south Dome." the name is artificial, as in, made up by the likes of the chamber of commerce. It was an obvious effort at boosterism; the area has historically been the warehouse district, but has had gradual success in attracting more retail and commercial (including, for example, Starbucks world headquarters, which is in a converted warehouse). The "south Dome" appellation was the original, I believe, back when the lower boundary of the downtown area was marked by the Kingdome, which has since been dynamited to make way for two even more expensive stadiums. Ahem. I digress. In any event, the strange "soh-doh" name seems to have about half stuck, inasmuch as a business can identify itself as being in SoDo and people will (mostly) know where that is. I don't think people actually _say_ the word much, tho.

@Kelly: I hear they serve excellent po' boys in Po-Hi.

I still feel a little sheepish saying SoMa (South of Market). As I recall, the term was foisted upon San Franciscans when the neighborhood traditionally known as South of the Slot was gentrified in the 1980s. ("The Slot" on Market Street held the cable for cable cars; one of Jack London's short stories is titled "South of the Slot.")

If I lived and worked in San Francisco instead of across the Bay, I'd be tempted to name my business South of Marketing. But, like @Mike, I digress.


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@Jules: Thanks, but Fritinancy does not accept advertising, except as fodder for commentary.

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