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August 20, 2008


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"...like a vodka martini; I don't whip it out every day, but on occasion, and with great relish."

I have always preferred an olive.

Hmm. I overuse them all. I wonder what that means...


I'm quite fond of the em dash myself. Oh, and parentheses. I completely agree about ellipses being girlie, though. Now I wonder what the most masculine punctuation mark is.

Gosh, my two faves are em dashes and ellipses. We even named a cat Ellipsis (she had three dots on her forehead). Like, Tom, I wonder what it means.


My mom LOVES the em dashes and the ellipsis. She'd probably bristle at being told they're girly, though!

Candidates for most masculine punctuation marks:

* Vertical bar: '|', not much call for it outside of math and programming
* Colon-dash: ':-', also known, I kid you not, as "dog's bollocks" (http://www.oed.com/bbcwords/dog-bollocks-new.html)
* punctuation marks we dont need no stinkin punctuation marks

Gah! I love ellipses ... use them all the time ... hate that girly trailing off ... might have to rethink ...

I admit to using a lot of ellipses... but only in scripts. They're very useful when you want to make it easy for someone to sight read narration or dialogue.

As I get older it seems that more and more professional voiceover artists and actors were not properly trained and sometimes struggle to read what's in front of them.

I accept it's not always the proper use of the ellipsis... but it works.

Do note that you can use real em-dashes on the web with the HTML entity "ampersand"mdash; (stripped out of the comment form by over-zealous Typepad though — the result should be "—").

@mark (the ideophone): Thanks for the reminder. I use HTML in my blog for some marks such as accents. Trouble is, I use so many em dashes and it's such a nuisance to switch from rich text to HTML in TypePad (especially the "new, improved"--ha-ha--beta TypePad).

Update: I tried the code Mark suggested; didn't work. What does work is —. But every time I switch from HTML to rich text TypePad puts me back at the beginning of the post. Really annoying.

I love the semi-colon; it's so perfect for its purpose! I'll use em-dashes and ellipses as well when I want to emphasize a pause in a place where a comma would be too quickly consumed. I never thought of punctuation as being masculine or feminine...unless you happened to dot your i's with hearts or circles.

I use them all to excess. Perhaps I am still working out my sexuality.

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