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August 07, 2008


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Right up my alley as ever, Nancy. I own and have wept with laughter over the Lileks book (though stick with him on pop culture rather than politics) and have a collection of kitchen, household and "lifestyle" ephemera in the same vein as the LP above, though not in LP format. My favorite tidbit (and there are many) is from a social etiquette guide admonishing the polite socialite not to "use saliva as an eyebrow beauty aid." Yep. Meanwhile, my living room bookcase sports the always-critical tome "How to Dress, Ship and Cook Wild Game." You never know when you'll need it.

Another great book by Lileks is "Interior Desecrations," which contains photos and commentary on hideous, frightening--even threatening--interior design from the 1960-70 era. I agree with Jessica that Lileks books can be screamingly funny, but his politics are anything but.

@Jessica and @Margy: I confess I'm completely ignorant of Lileks's political writings. I'll do some research.

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