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August 12, 2008


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1. I don't get this. How are we supposed to know what meaning the headline is intended to convey? I mean, I can come up with short, suitably headlinear words that will go in the blanks, but if I don't know what the story says, how do I know whether they're the right ones? (But I did understand "Tabs in tiff over Liz pix" with no trouble.)

2. Fifty-three, and I was kicking myself when I saw the ones I missed.

50! Although there were one or two more that I swore I'd typed in...but that still doesn't raise my total too high.

@Q. Pheevr: Yes, a few commenters had the same complaint. To a veteran newsie, though, most of McIntyre's examples will seem formulaic and the answers automatic.

The point of the headline jargon quiz was to find how much of a hack you are. If it baffled you, you should congratulate yourself. A high score on that one is nothing to brag about.

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