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August 06, 2008


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You do know about Project Rungay, do you not?

@Jon: Oh, yes. But this season I've found Project Runway to have outworn its welcome. Upside: more time to focus on my loathing for Mad Men!

Well, there's only one "r" in "gorilla", and it is pronounced the same as "guerrilla" in SAE.

@Erin: See, that's the kind of serene, descriptivist detachment I aspire to. I'm still on Fold One of the Eightfold Path, alas.

As long as we're mixing eggcorns and fashion, how about two eggcorn accoutrements English has accepted into everyday speech? There's "blindfold" (well, not exactly an everyday bit of fashion, except maybe in some circles), which (as those in some circles may have noticed every day) generally has no folds. "Blindfold" is a now-accepted mishearing of "blind-felled," meaning "blind-struck." And then there's "buttonhole," a mishearing of "buttonhold," as buttoning paraphernalia held buttons. But holes eventually took hold.

Me, I tend to use Velcro or a zipper. On my blindfolds, that is.

My favourites are 'break' for 'brake'; 'pacific' for 'specific'; 'loose' for 'lose'; and the usual confusion between 'their', 'they're' and 'there'. Arrgh!

@Bill: Thank you for that excellent bit of sartorio-linguistic trivia!

@John: Not exactly eggcorns, but yes, common and annoying. As I said, I'm working on acceptance. Om.

Jerusalem artichoke (previously girasole artichoke)
shameface (previously shamefast)
belfry (previously berfrey)
helpmate (previously (help meet)
lapwing (from hlēape "to leap" + *wincan "to waver"
bridegroom (from bride + goma "man", influenced by the unrelated groom)
curry favour (previously curayen favel)
crayfish (previously crevise)
hangnail (previously angnail)

Mike Hummer had been a private detective so long he could remember Preparation A, his hair reminded everyone of a rat who'd bitten into an electrical cord, but he could still run faster than greased owl snot when he was on a bad guy's trail, and they said his friskings were a lot like getting a vasectomy at Sears.

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