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August 05, 2008


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Wow.. this definitely takes brand naming to worst level possible...

You've probably already heard about it, but there is a prescription-only laxative called "Go Lightly." My husband, to his intense dismay, had an unpleasant tangle with it several years ago while preparing for a colonoscopy. GL is *extremely* effective. It is supposed to taste somewhat less unpleasant if chilled, so before I left for work that day, I placed a champagne flute next to the "Go Lightly" bottle in the fridge for him to find. He was amused--but, sadly, his smiles didn't last long.

I sure hope it doesn't taste like fish! I bet their target market is night clubs and strip joints.

Even if you ignore the scatological connotations (hard if not impossible), you're arguably left with something suggesting "pus-like," no?

Until further notice, yes, this is the worst.

@Jessica: You may think it's Pussy, but it's Snot.

One of my clients is a bar and grill and on Friday nights their bartender is a crazy, likable Scottish woman with the unfortunate habit of drinking or giving away the inventory. Her specialty is a drink called the "Pink Pwasay" (phonetic spelling). It has seven kinds of alcohol and pink grapefruit juice. She can be heard yelling out "Pink Pwaassssay!" at regular intervals which gets the patrons going so loud they can be heard over the band (whom I also cover). One day I stopped her and asked what the hell she was saying and she told me, which I still didn't understand considering the thick Scottish accent. Then she came back and leaned in and whispered, "you know, PUSSY!"

Thanks for the link, Nancy. Glad someone else found Vergina snigger-worthy and glad the badness of its name could be one-upped.

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