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July 29, 2008


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The word "cuil" has no connection to "knowledge" afaik. The word for "hazel" is "coll". imo, altho I could be wrong, the connection of a word for "knowledge" or "hazel" with Fionn mac Cumhail is spurious.

The legendary hero Fionn mac Cumhail and Mac Cuil seem to be 2 different figures.

I had settled on the pronunciation "kweel" thanks to that blue "i," which I figured would be stressed. Oh well...I guess I wasn't cuil enough to figure it out.

>Cuil is a short name, which many company founders
>seem to think is the holy grail of naming.

Indeed, successful Website names require two syllables. As in (choosing entirely at random) Google and Yahoo. :-)

I was wrong to say it meant both back and corner. The Irish for back is 'cúil' but corner is 'cúinne'. My bad. However is is definitively pronounced cool because of the 'fada' over the 'u' which elongates the vowel. :)

I didn't like "Wii" when I first heard it, but I like it now. It helps that the Wii turned out to be a pretty cool product. This one, however, I'm not so sure about.

Thanks for clarifying the relationship between "knowledge" and "hazel." I had read that "Cuil" supposedly meant both somewhere else and was baffled by why they'd want to note both definition, since only the first seemed relevant. However, maybe that's more a result of their search engine logic: irrelevant information and nonsensical associations.

Here's my e-mail to cuil:

Your service works great, it found over 4000 pages with my name on them, double what Google's showing.

But I don't think your name is going to work.

If, after some time, you agree with me, please give me a call - I'd love to name a great new search engine.

I am an experienced freelance namer and tag line writer.

My online resume is here: www.MarkGunnionNames.com

I hope you'll give me a call the next time you need a big bunch of good names, fast. I have been a naming specialist since 1996, and I've worked on hundreds of projects, across every business sector. I'm sure I can bring some good ideas to your next list.

Talk to you soon.

Mark Gunnion

Drew, what relationship between "knowledge" and "hazel"? I can't find one.

@Goofy and @Drew: I've updated the post with a link to Druidry.org, which (FWIW) has a long passage about the hazel tree as a symbol of knowledge/wisdom.

@Mark Gunnion: Technically, I should rap your knuckles for advertising your services in this commercial-free zone, but I'll give you a pass this time! (But only if you bring me in on the Cuil renaming gig.)

As I mentioned on Twitter earlier today, I originally misread it as "Cull," which I think would have made a lot more sense for a search engine.

It's actually "couilles," just for accuracy's sake (for all your French slang spelling needs . . . )
Meanwhile, I am so giddy about the notion of partaking of the Salmon of Knowledge. Now I know how to characterize the last 15+ years of my life in the Seattle area. ("We ate of the Salmon of Knowledge and then we ascended the Rocky Peaks of Wisdom.")

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