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August 01, 2008


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"65 or better" would work too.

Related: in my neighborhood, I see real-estate signs advertising a residential community for "55 or Better"

Oh, no. "Greater," "better" -- just wrong, wrong, wrong. Ghastly euphemisms that only serve to further the notion that old age is something to be ashamed of. The correct word -- the ONLY word -- to use in that phrase is "older," and there's no reason to avoid it.

What about '65 or more'? Or '65 and over'? Neither pejorative, euphemistic or PC: both neutral and shorter.

No reason to continue to use 'older' when 'over' or 'greater' adequately fills the same role.

And yes, 'better' just does not work.

'Older' has a pejorative sense to this reader. Perhaps only because I am so much closer to '65 and greater' than I am to the birth of my last child.

Time marches on...


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